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In Actividades de Transporte y Servicios Altiplano S.L. (A.T.S.A.), we have a broad vehicle de fleet in order to optimize the transport costs and adapt the equipment to the sizes and the freight weight.

We dispose of power heads with different configuration :
  • 4x2
  • 6x2
  • 6x4
In A.T.S.A., in our bases of Requena and Utiel in Valencia, we also have a wide range of semitrailers:
  • Flatbed semi- trailer
  • 2 to 5 axle semilow loader with friction steered axles and knuckle steering (hidraulic) axles
  • Low bed semi-trailer with friction steered axles and knuckle steering (hidraulic) axles
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Visit our bases in Requena and Utiel and check the quality of our fleet of heavy-duty vehicles